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Fleeta Partee was born and raised in Seattle’s Central District, where he overcame the struggles of daily street life. In 1992 Fleeta began rapping and over the years has exemplified the backbone of hip hop, integrating real world living rhymes with revolution. A child of Black Panther Party members, The emcee tells stories with no glorification or sensation with a foundation upon hip hop history and culture.

Fleeta uses his voice to transcend region in his rhymes, blending Seattle slang with the East Coast flow of New York rap legends Rakim, Sadat X, Nas, and AZ. Growing up in the era of the East Coast- West Coast battle he blended both mind states. An alumnus of Garfield High school, home to Quincy Jones, Bruce Lee, and Jimi Hendrix, the lyricist known as Fleeta Partee desires to take his music to a global level while remaining faithful to the integrity of hip hop culture.

Fleeta’s first record in 1993, was a collaboration with DJ Sean Malik called “Female Mentality.” Before his solo career the artist was one of many talents in the Shabazz Coalition, the Wu-Tang of the Northwest and was a founding member of Sportinlife Entertainment. Fleeta maintains his hometown connection while working with Seattle producers Vitamin D and Jake One on his upcoming album as well as on his EP. LifeMuzik. The 8-track extended play will also feature producers C-Note and Lord Sith. The leadoff single called “The City” has the voice of expression that hip hop heads crave; an enticing study of society told over heavy Vitamin-D drums. Fleeta Partee’s hunger and focus is built upon knowledge and truth and can be described best from the words of the man himself.

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